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Significance of Guru

Guru is not a person, he is a personality, an institution. He is the radio through which the Lord contacts the student. When a student meets his Teacher, it is always a miracle. Infact it is love at first sight. He is immediately attracted to him and his words ring a bell. Another speaker may speak better but only his teacher will attract him.

If in case we get the rare privilege of meeting such a Master, and you happen to really understand a little of what he says - then progress has to happen. It is unfailing. It is very productive. Whenever anyone meets his Teacher it is always a miracle.

If, incase you are benefited, do not forget that the Teacher was brought to you by Ishwara, total vasanas, of which a part were yours, - and remember, there is no difference between God and the Guru, the corporeal entity before you.

Therefore be on the lookout when you meet a Master.

Swami Chinmayananda