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First Day of Bala Vihar Classes: Sunday, August 25, 2019.

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Chinmaya Vaani

Learn From Sorrow And Failure: Ishwara Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Much of our life is spent in complaining, regretting the past, or worrying about the future. The intellect naturally asks questions which are positive or negative based upon ...

Swami Prakashananda Ji

Sundara Kānda - Jñāna Yajna by Swami Prakashananda Ji

Swami ji will cover the Sundara Kānda of the Sriramacaritamanasa by Saint Goswami Tulasidas ji during these talks sprinkled with the melodious rendering of the Ramayana.

Sunday, Sep 8 – Thursday Sep 12, 2019: 6.30 PM – 8.00 PM
Friday Sep 13, 2019: 0.00 PM –6.30 PM

Jiva, Jagat, and Jagadishvara

Swamiji will expound on the three aspects to life, their transactional relationships (Dharma) and the essential oneness of the three: (1) Jiva, the experience of the world,(2) Jagat, the experienced world, (3) Jagadishvara, Reality behind Jiva and Jagat.

Monday, Sep 9 – Friday Sep 13, 2019: 6.30 AM – 7.30 AM

Venue: Chinmaya Hamsavāhini (Chinmaya Mission Peoria)

Shrimad Bhāgavatam Satsang

Every Tuesday evenings

Shrimad Bhāgavatam abounds in the supreme Lord's wondrous and endearing avatars, divine sports, and devotees. Words of Shrimad Bhāgavatam kindle, intensify, and establish devotion in one's heart. Shrimad Bhāgavatam stands unparalleled in its distinct and resplendent exaltation of devotion to the Lord, revealing throughout the quintessence of Vedantic teachings. This devotion leads one to Satsang, to the Guru, and to teachings that unveil one's essential nature.

Based on the teachings of Swami Tejomayanandaji

Sri. Venkatesh Anandasayanam will lead the Satsang

Day/Time: Every Tuesday, 8:00 - 9:00 p.m
Start Date: January 21st, 2019;
Venue: Chinmaya Mission Peoria.
Contact Information: Vijaya Jujjavarapu 309-472-7752
Bhoomi Puja

Brick Seva Opportunity

On this occasion, let us all take part in completing the project by sponsoring bricks. You have various “Brick Seva” options with a special opportunity to sponsor engraving of Goddess Saraswathi’s name on a brick. Please refer to the flyer for details regarding Brick Seva.


Pujya Swami Swaroopananda's North America 2019 Itinerary

Hari Om and Greetings Chinmaya families and friends,
We are pleased to announce Pujya Swami Swaroopananda's upcoming North America 2019 itinerary.

CMP Hamsavāhini - New Home Update

elevation plan floor plan